Vedha Naik

An Intuitive Tarot Reader, Numerologist & a Healer.

Vedha Naik is an intuitive certified Tarot Counselor, Numerologist, Reiki practitioner, and healer with a diverse range of healing modalities, including Angel healing, Candle magic, Zibu symbols, Colour Therapy and Crystal Therapy. With over three years of official practice in Tarot reading, Vedha has dedicated herself to providing guidance and support to individuals seeking clarity and insight into their lives.

Vedha's journey with Tarot began two decades ago when she stumbled upon a Tarot book by chance in a bookstore. Little did she know that this encounter would change her life and ignite a deep passion within her. Initially, she practiced Tarot readings for herself and her close circle, but the outbreak of the Corona Pandemic prompted her to extend her services to others in need of guidance and solace.

From a young age, Vedha has possessed a strong sense of empathy towards people. This inherent quality has been the driving force behind her desire to help individuals navigate their challenges and find peace and harmony. Through Tarot readings, she offers guidance and insights into their problems, helping them alleviate stress, anxiety, and even physical pain. Her knowledge and practice of Reiki and other healing modalities further enhance her ability to support and heal others.

Vedha's work has been recognized, and she has been featured as one of the top 15 Tarot readers in Hindustan Chronicle. Additionally, she has been acknowledged in The Entrepreneur Ethics as a young Indian entrepreneur, further affirming her dedication and impact in the field.

She remains committed to expanding her knowledge, refining her skills, and continuously growing as a Tarot reader and healer. Vedha's goal is to touch the lives of individuals from all walks of life, offering them guidance, healing, and a sense of empowerment. She firmly believes that everyone deserves to live a life filled with clarity, peace, and fulfillment.

As Vedha Naik, she feels honored to be on this journey of sharing her intuitive gifts and helping others find their own path to happiness and well-being. Her dedication to her craft and the positive impact she brings to people's lives make her a valuable and respected figure in the field of healing and spiritual guidance.

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